Thomas Brindisi

Born on June 28, 1996. I was born into this world to the wonderful parents Nick and Susan, who did everything in their power to make my life amazing. I have always had a vision to change the world we live in, I see so many things in my day to day life that I want to change. I travelled to Kenya in May of 2014 which was the spark that ignited the fires of change within me. I strongly believe we cannot keep surviving on this planet without working together; We have been fighting for too long. It seems like a very simple concept, work is easier when we have h10446700_10154252339935215_3670461774003102103_nelp.

I have lived in a small town in southern Ontario called Collingwood my whole life. I believe I am lucky to have lived there because I am away from the big city, what makes me sad is that Collingwood is slowly turning into a city. It seems that our world wants to over develop everything and make it so our world is all concrete and machines, we are slowly turning into robots and losing our connection to our earth. I believe that I am a very spiritual person, I find myself tuning out the world sometimes with music a lot of the time. Music is like fuel for me, it can change my mood and also help me get through my pile of college work. 

I find myself to be a very happy person, I am able to give myself this title because I approach all situations in my life with an open mind. I try my best to not be judgemental or jump to conclusions, this helps me stay relaxed in life and keep up this happy go lucky demeanour.

I’ll be in Kingston for the next couple years, if you see me around SLC or downtown, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself!

“You can’t start a fire without a spark” Bruce Springsteen 

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