Labels – An inspired post

Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?

I know who I would be. I would be one with my fellow 135b5ba685841b1b3b62f6468188fa60humans. We are living our lives the way I expected it to be 100’s of years ago. It truly baffles my mind how such simple idea cannot be understood by the general public. How can it be so hard to understand that anything and everything we do will be easier if we work together. From a young age we all seem to understand this, we are all accepting and we never fight over useless things.

Isn’t it funny that no baby is born racist, yet every baby cries when they hear the cries of another, No matter their gender, culture or color. Proving that deep down we were meant to connect and care for each other, That is our mission in life and that is not my opinion. That is the truth.

So why does greed soil or souls?

We are force fed these labels from a very young age and eventually we learn to accept these labels. We believe that wealth means power, and it can. But we need to share the wealth. We were not meant to fight, we were meant to be free il_fullxfull.403462573_49ehand it is that very battle for our freedom that has doomed us.

How I really feel..

So far this post has been written on the ideas of a video by Prince Ea who has been creating amazing content for a while now. I have been watching his content for a while and the video he released today had me in tears. (Video) 

To put my own spin on his video I would say that as humans we need to take a large step back and realize how bad we are screwing this up. We are fighting a losing battle with ourselves, searching for happiness in empty possessions and mass amounts of income. Where we truly need to find happiness is in each other, we are all given the same chance; The chance to use our lives to make the lives of others good. I believe we are calling upon something that is within all of us from birth. Empathy.

I challenge you to check out more of Prince Ea’s stuff, as well as share your happiness with those around you every day. tumblr_mi0q2t8ztt1r3wibgo1_500We are living in an amazing time or change and amazing breakthroughs in technology. Remember to slow down sometimes and spend time with the ones you love, that includes yourself. Love those around you and love yourself.

We are one.

Prince Ea’s Youtube Page: HERE

One thought on “Labels – An inspired post

  1. Nick Brindisi says:

    We are one for sure. Economic disparity makes those with talent unable to achieve their goals and dreams. Sometimes those dreams including changing the world for the better in some small way. Often the ones with the monetary wealth are the ones who want to hang on to it and further suppress all the good ideas of those who understand we are one. It’s time to make our small changes to the status quo in my generation, and in your and your children’s.

    Am I idealistic? A cynic would say yes… Look at human history and you see conflict. Nobody is innocent. Currently Muslims are treated with distrust, and yes a small radical sub-set of them are trying to wreak violence and death in the name of their religion. But no religion exists that doesn’t have blood on it’s hands. Christianity has the Spanish inquisition, crusades and lots of other historical wrongs.

    Yes change is needed. Everyone should read Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Lots of lessons there about the corruption of power and disparity based on money, class, religion, abuse of power.

    We have only today to operate within so let’s see if we can prevent history from repeating itself and truly be one people. You inspired me today son. Go forth and change the world!


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