Changing the face of RAP MUSIC

maxresdefault*Viewer discretion advised due to profanity

Kendrick Lamar(Kendrick Lamar Duckworth) is an American hip-hop/rap artist born and raised in Compton, California. Growing up with through a great deal of hardship Kendrick has many personal experiences to write about in his music. I believe he is much more than just a musician. Lamar has personally had a profound effect on me and I am sure there are many others who feel the same. If you have not had a chance to hear his art, it may be because of the bad image that comes along with his genre of music.

Here (I think) for the first time in history, a rap artist pairs up with a 192 person orchestra for the show of a lifetime. *(Can be seen here) The videos that have been released are not the best sound quality, the show was on Oct 21 and today is the 22nd so we have not given them much time… I guess I was too excited. Make sure to check back to the blog for an update on the video.

Back to the business. Kendrick Lamar has produced many inspirational songs in the past 5 years (*i, *alright, *institutionalized, *how much a dollar cost and *these walls) and definitely has many more masterpieces for us in the future. His music can easily be taken the wrong way because of some of the subject matter, what the listener needs to take into account is that this is his real life he is rapping about. We may not directly relate to the situation, but what he is begging for in his lyrics is not help from his problems. He asks us to start working together again, to realize that there is only one way to live on this world as humans.

Kendrick is just a man with a message for piece. He reminds me of a few people in history with the same message. I hope this man’s message is heard and more importantly understood, if you are not into rap music check this out. MORTAL MAN

Mortal man is a closing song to his most recent album “To Pimp A Butterfly”. I encourage readers to check out the ending of the song where Lamar dreams up a conversation with another one of Rap’s legends, Tupac. Try your best to read between the lines and take his swearing and suggestive content with a grain of salt, sometimes thats what it takes to get your message across.


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