Steer It UP!!


What it is!

Steer It Up is a crowdfunding campaign created by The Partners in Mission FoodBank with the support of Spark Production House, and Enactus SLC. The food bank has been very successful in Kingston for 30 years thanks to continued generosity.

How the food bank helps!

Every day volunteers of the food bank travel around Kingston collecting donated food at grocery stores and various other places that accept donations. Recently, they have realized that the vans being used to collect the donations are nearing the end of their life. One of their vans which is the most begging to be replaced the most has been used for 10 years for this job.

We need you! 


The Kingston FoodBank has been on the go with the same van since 2005. We estimate that every year the van was active it carried 200,000 pounds of food. If the food bank is able to replace their oldest van, they would cut down on fuel consumption and economic impact greatly.

Check out their pag on Indiegogo here.

Check out the care van!


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